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Several other types of doctors play supportive roles in mesothelioma care such as radiologists, palliative medicine doctors, pulmonologists, general practitioners, internal medicine specialists and occupational medicine doctors. Treating mesothelioma requires a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care.

The benefit [of a tumor board or multidisciplinary care] is that you can get a room full of feedback from multiple disciplines focused on your individual diagnosis.”

A small number of oncologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mesothelioma. These oncologists stay up-to-date on all the latest malignant mesothelioma treatment guidelines. Your oncologist will be the primary doctor who oversees your care and any chemotherapy you may receive.

Your oncologist will also coordinate with other doctors involved in your treatment such as your radiologist, surgeon and palliative care doctor.

A handful of thoracic surgeons specialize in surgical procedures for mesothelioma. These doctors train under other mesothelioma surgeons for years to acquire the expertise necessary to perform these complex operations.

[My doctor] told me from the start, ‘We’ll fight this together. We’ll try and come up with something that works for you.’ I was so lucky to find her. Best thing that could have happened to me.”

The top specialists work at recognized mesothelioma centers. Some of the best known mesothelioma specialists, such as Dr. David Sugarbaker at the Lung Institute at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, trained young surgeons who have moved on to other cities and treatment centers.

Dr. Jacques Fontaine at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and Dr. Abraham Lebenthal at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston took Sugarbaker’s expertise to others around the country.


According to recent projections, this is the average cost of lung cancer treatment, which is comparable to mesothelioma, during the initial year after diagnosis Source: National Cancer Institute

The average cost of treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma is comparable to lung cancer treatment, which costs $60,709 during the initial year after diagnosis, according to recent projections from the National Cancer Institute.

Treatment of malignant mesothelioma can be expensive if you don’t have health insurance or financial resources. Cost is difficult to pinpoint because every case is unique.

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vary depending on the type of cancer, the drugs used and patient-specific factors. The total cost for pemetrexed (Alimta) plus cisplatin — the most used chemotherapy combination for first-line treatment of mesothelioma — was $40,102, according to a 2013 cost effectiveness study comparing the drug pair with other chemotherapy regimens.

The estimated monthly cost of radiation therapy is $2,000, but the total expense depends on your health coverage and the number of treatments you receive.


Problem: Random, top and bottom ads don’t appear on syndicated posts.

By default FeedWordPress prevents the syndicated post contents from being passed to ‘the_content’ hook which is where the random, top and bottom ads are added. There’s an easy fix:

From the FeedWordPress settings page go to ‘Posts Links’ and then in the ‘Formatting’ section set ‘Formatting filters’ to ‘Expose syndicated posts to formatting filters’.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Problem: Random ads don’t show.

Reason: Shortcodes Ultimate disables the wpautop filter which adds the <p></p> tags to the page. It re-applies this filter at a priority of 99 which is after Ad Injection has run. Therefore when Ad Injection runs it can’t find any </p> tags which it needs to position the random adverts.

Solution: Follow the below advice for the ‘theme conflicts’.

Ad Injection (when injecting random ads) works by looking for the end paragraph tags (<p></p>). Some themes override the wpautop filter and set it to run after the plugins. This means that Ad Injection can’t find the end paragraph tags, and so can’t inject any random ads. If this happens try changing the the_content filter priority from the Advanced tab in the Ad Injection UI. Try values of 100, and if that doesn’t work 200.

Themes which I know have this issue include ‘Avenue’, ‘TheTravelTheme’, ‘Exciter Magazine’, ‘Vectors’, and ‘Canvas’ from Woothemes.

The multi-user version of WordPress are not supported – yet, however I have heard that some people have got it to work when using the ‘direct’ insertion mode. I hope to make it work properly with multi-blog versions of WordPress in the future.

Either find the adinj_options and widget_adinj rows or use this query to help you:

SELECT * FROM [yourdb]_options WHERE option_name LIKE ‘%adinj%’

Then copy these two options to your new blogs by using phpMyAdmin on the new blogs. If you aren’t using widgets then you can ignore the widget_adinj option, you need only the adinj_options value. You can use the ‘Insert’ tab on the new blog to do this.

It is the best Ad insertion plugin for WordPress and quite easy to use. But unfortunately, developer has abandoned this plugin. This plugin now needs some refreshment to fix problems caused by latest WordPress software updates.

Adding disable on mobile or desktop would be nice


I’m using AdInjection from a longtime. Whenever I’m using static ads its showing some blank line on each category. With adsense ads all goes fine.


I love this plugin as it doesn’t enclose the ads in any unnecessary styling rubbish, it just shows that ads, and it’s very configurable!

Hi, I am using this plugin and triumphal. Just want to know is there anything needs to change in wp-config.php file to use mfunc feature in Ad injection.


This plugin has been incredibly helpful and reliable. Thank you!

“Ad Injection” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “Ad Injection” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code , check out the SVN repository , or subscribe to the shopping online for nice sale online Giuseppe Zanotti Printed HighTop Sneakers w/ Tags nicekicks cheap online IBGGJr
by .


Release with more debugging to try to track down top/bottom ads which have gone missing on some blogs.

Fix for disappearing top / bottom ad.


New CSS padding options for widgets. Fixes for CSS margin options. Update docs for due to new mfunc support in WP Super Cache. If you are using mfunc mode and upgrade to the latest version of WP Super Cache ( you can now use the faster mod_rewrite mode or PHP mode instead of legacy mode.

New CSS padding options for widgets. Fixes for CSS margin options. Update docs for due to new mfunc support in WP Super Cache. If you are using mfunc mode and upgrade to the latest version of WP Super Cache ( you can now use the faster mod_rewrite mode or PHP mode instead of legacy mode.


New option to add spacing above and below widgets. New options for randomly aligning random/top/bottom ads. Fixes for several bugs reported over Christmas.

Save options in admin_menu hook so that WordPress is correctly initialised when saving. Allows ‘pluggable’ include to be removed, which should fix ‘Cannot redeclare get_userdatabylogin’ conflict with vbbridge.

Fix problem with mfunc mode widgets on archive pages.

New display option for defining CSS clear as left, right or both. Suppress file system warnings. Tested on WordPress 2.8.6 – it works!

Only write to config file in mfunc mode.

Allow plugin to work with PHP4. Increase allowed home page ads to 10. Must always save widget ads to disk in case mode is changed to mfunc later on.

Fix: Remove file contents if ad is 0 length.


Global tag and category restrictions. Smoother JQuery show/hide blocks (especially on IE)

Clean up old settings restore block.

Add a status box to make it easy to see what the main settings are.

Add test mode, and further reduce unnecessary file access.

Fix chmod comparison problem.


Invalidate the options cache after saving.


If you are using mfunc mode and have added ad widgets please re-save them to regenerate the ad files. Save ad files to a new directory so they don’t need to be re-created after upgrade.


Fix dynamic checking for widgets. Fix potential PHP error message with widgets.


Widget support. Only write to the ad files if necessary. Chrome display fixes. More informative save messages. Other fixes.


Prevent config file being lost by bulk automatic update. Error messages from adshow.php are hidden in HTML now rather than being visible to everyone.


Try to make sure ads don’t appear on archive pages, 404s or search results, in case theme is working in a non-standard way. Reduce dependency on files.


More fault tolerant mfunc support.


Fix problems relating to over strict chmod usage. Add save message. More informative warnings. Update links to reviewmylife.


Fix ‘Something badly wrong in num_rand_ads_to_insert’ message that occurs on page types that I haven’t taken account of.



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