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Monday, April 2, 2018 uploading your filled in (tex) version of the proposal form as well as the processed pdf

The available telescopes include LBT, Magellan I and II, MMT, 90", VATT, 61", 60", and Minnesota 60". NEWS information about available instruments is available .

Make sure to download the current LaTeX2e proposal template (v1.33) soprop.tex and class files soprop.cls . These are required to produce the pdf file that is uploaded for the electronic submission. Using an older version of the templates will result in your proposal not being processed by the automated account.

Using an older version of the templates will result in your proposal not being processed by the automated account.

The macro psfig.sty can be obtained at arxiv.org/macros/ psfig . sty

arxiv.org/macros/ psfig . sty

Additional Guidelines for Submission :

- do not use commas in any coverpage entry field in soprop.tex;

- no line breaks in the proposal title (make sure the closing parenthesis is on the same line);

- use approved telescope names (as listed in soprop.tex);

- use only one PI-Name and only one (matching) PI-email address;

- name your files using your first initial and last name (e.g., jdoe.tex and jdoe.pdf). If you submit multiple different proposals use numbers to differentiate (e.g., jdoe1.tex, jdoe2.tex). Keep names to less than 30 characters and do not use special characters or spaces in the filenames;

- revised proposals are accepted up until the deadline. Use the revision option on the submission page to update your proposal.

For more information, follow the link to "Proposal Information" on the right.

How To Propose: Radio Telescopes

The 10-meter Heinrich Hertz Submm Telescope ("SMT") on Mt Graham and the ALMA prototype 12-meter antenna on Kitt Peak are scheduled separately from the optical/IR telescopes. For technical information, and proposal instructions and a fillable cover sheet, see the ARO proposal web page.

Requesting TBS Time

On the occasions when some time remains unscheduled, members of Steward Observatory may apply for TBS (To Be Scheduled) nights on the Steward Observatory 90", 61", and 60" telescopes, or UAOTBS nights on the MMT. Please send TBS requests to Dr. Paul Smith ( psmith@as.arizona.edu ). Requests should contain a brief scientific justification. Only in cases of multiple requests to use the same time and facilities will TBS requests be forwarded to the Associate Director for a decision. Please also note that TBS requests requiring instrument changes may not be accepted depending on the work load of the Mountain Operations staff during the relevant time period. TBS requests made within the 21-day limit that require an instrument change or any sizable intervention by Mtn. Ops. staff are highly discouraged. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the event of important transitory astrophysical events and handled at the Director/Associate Director level with the consultation of the Mtn. Ops. group.

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Import and analyze data
Calculate values in a PivotTable
Applies To: Excel for Office 365 Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Excel 2010 Excel 2007

In PivotTables, you can use summary functions in value fields to combine values from the underlying source data. If summary functions and custom calculations do not provide the results that you want, you can create your own formulas in calculated fields and calculated items. For example, you could add a calculated item with the formula for the sales commission, which could be different for each region. The PivotTable would then automatically include the commission in the subtotals and grand totals.

PivotTables provide ways to calculate data. Learn about the calculation methods that are available, how calculations are affected by the type of source data, and how to use formulas in PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Available calculation methods

To calculate values in a PivotTable, you can use any or all of the following types of calculation methods:

Summary functions in value fields The data in the values area summarize the underlying source data in the PivotTable. For example, the following source data:

Produces the following PivotTables and PivotCharts. If you create a PivotChart from the data in a PivotTable, the values in that PivotChart reflect the calculations in the associated PivotTable report.

In the PivotTable, the Month column field provides the items March and April . The Region row field provides the items North , South , East , and West . The value at the intersection of the April column and the North row is the total sales revenue from the records in the source data that have Month values of April and Region values of North .

In a PivotChart, the Region field might be a category field that shows North , South , East , and West as categories. The Month field could be a series field that shows the items March , April , and May as series represented in the legend. A Values field named Sum of Sales could contain data markers that represent the total revenue in each region for each month. For example, one data marker would represent, by its position on the vertical (value) axis, the total sales for April in the North region.

5 Qualities of Forward-Thinking Leaders

on Jun 30 2016

Great leaders are gifted with many exceptional qualities that give them the ability to lead their teams to the right direction and to successfully grow their businesses regardless of all challenges and setbacks. The combination of skills that is inherent to up-and-coming leaders consists of many different traits, which can vary from person to person. In general, it is impossible to state all of the necessarily qualities that impactful leaders posses, but it is possible to note some of the most important ones, such as great communication skills, empathy, risk taking, self-awareness, forward thinking and so on.

Along with the rest of the skills, the ability to think forward is one of the qualities, which are highly respected in leaders. Forward-thinking is especially important when we talk about entrepreneurial leadership and innovation. Here you will find five qualities of forward-thinking leaders that highlight the importance of having strong business vision if you run a startup.


Forward-thinking leaders are people driven by their strong vision and business mission. To drive a business to growth, there should be certain amount of risk. Being courageous enough to take bold decisions and calculated risks is what allows successful leaders to achieve more than the competition. Without the courage to take the leap when needed, no great results can be achieved.

Emotional intelligence

Forward-thinking leaders are able to sense the potential of future relationships with clients, investors, partners and even team members. As we have talked about before , people with high emotional intelligence have the ability to accurately identify their emotions and, most importantly, the ability to control and evaluate these emotions.They are also very empathetic of the emotions of others, making them better listeners, communicators and negotiators.

Strategic planning

Forward-thinking leaders are goal-oriented – they know how to set goals and are able to realistically determine their current situation in order to create a step-by-step action plan that will lead them to the desired destination. If you run a starting company and you want to accelerate it and grow the business to the next level, it is important that you have an elaborated execution plan. People that are forward-thinking oriented are much better at crafting long-term strategies and plans, making them better leaders than the rest.


Forward-thinking leaders understand that ideas don’t mean much if they are not well-executed. Along with the strategic planning, they focus on the execution of the strategies in order to make the whole process highly effective, productive and successful in the long run.


Even the best strategies and the most well-calculated execution plans sometimes fail. Exceptional leaders are not afraid to face failure and to start over. They are highly committed to their goals and they are able to motivate and inspire the whole team during hard times through expressing their determination to success.

forward-thinking leaders qualities startup traits
Anticipate Forward Thinking – Tagliaferro Educational Blog February 2, 2018 at 5:46 am

[…] recently stumbled on a blog, found here, that attempted to explain the 5 qualities necessary for forward-thinking leaders. Courage, […]

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