Donald Trump’s White House date with Narendra Modi fixed for June 26

Donald Trump's White House date with Narendra Modi fixed for June 26

US President Donald Trump will host Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on June 26 in Washington, DC, during Modi’s state visit to the United States.
The two leaders, who will meet for the first time, will compete for a range of issues, including terrorism and the promotion of economic growth. Possible changes to US standards with H1-B visas, a major concern in India, are also an issue likely to be on the agenda of the Trump-Modi meeting.
Confirming PM Modi’s visit to the US Which will begin on June 25, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi on Monday: “The talks (Modi and triumph) will give a new direction for the deeper bilateral engagement in issues of common interest and the consolidation of a multidimensional strategic alliance Between India and the United States. ”
In Washington, DC, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump “expects” the June 26 meeting with Narendra Modi and said the two leaders will discuss economic growth, fight terrorism, Cooperation in the defense and expansion of US trade. And India.
“You can expect that both offer a vision that will expand collaboration between the US and India for an ambitious and dignified way,” added M. Spicer. “President and Prime Minister Trump Modi will seek to describe a common vision for US-India collaboration, worthy of its (combined) 1.6 billion citizens.”
“The president and the prime minister had a series of positive telephone conversations and we hope to continue this discussion … if economic growth and reform, the fight against terrorism, expanding our cooperation as major partners in defense,” he said Spicer in response to a question.
“America’s energy and technology, including natural gas, helps build Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a new India and create thousands of jobs in the United States in the process,” said M. Spicer.
In particular, the meeting occurs while the United States, such as Donald Trump, warm China, Beijing considered as key to the fight against regional problems, such as the pursuit of North Korea nuclear weapons. Former President Barack Obama, whose known Modi to a record eight times, saw India as a strategic partner to counter China’s growing influence in Asia.

The State visit of Modi to the United States is presented in the context of country President Trump which bears his story Climate Agreement of Paris. In announcing its decision to withdraw the United States since the Paris agreement, Trump had distinguished India and China as the biggest pollutants.
President Trump also suggested that India had made its participation in the Paris agreement to receive “billions and billions in foreign aid” – an accusation that was firmly rejected by Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj recently.
“What Trump said is not the reality,” Swaraj told a news conference last week, adding: “… for some India signed the agreement because of its pressure or because of the avarice of aid External … totally baseless and unfortunate.

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