Karti Chidambaram appears before the CBI in the corruption case

Karti Chidambaram appears before the CBI in the corruption case

Karti Chidambaram appears before the CBI in the corruption case

He appeared to be questioned in the case of INX Media, following the directive of the Supreme Court last week.

Karti Chidambaram appeared before the Central Investigation Office on Wednesday to be questioned in connection with the INX Media case, following the guidance of the Supreme Court last week.

SC orders Karti Chidambaram to appear before the IWC on August 23

The IWC has accused Karti of having received commissions through an associate with him to pass an investigation proposed by the Department of Revenue in allegations against INX Media, and Peter and Indrani Mukerjea.

The agency claims that in 2007, INX Media had obtained the approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) for ₹4.62 million rupees investment, but received ₹305 million rupees two companies based in Mauritius for Sale Of shares with a premium of ₹ 800 per unit.

The CBI FIR files against Karti Chidambaram, others accused of fraud and corruption

Against the decision of the FIPB, which requires the company to file a separate application, an investment downstream of 26% of foreign funds was made in INX News.

The IWC convened Mr. Karti and his associates for the first time in June. Subsequently, more calls were issued. However, they did not appear before the research team.

According to instructions from the Supreme Court, Karti arrived at the headquarters of the IWC on Wednesday morning.

The agency may request clarification of its alleged partnership with the companies currently under investigation.

Mr. Karti had already requested the Madras High Court to request the annulment of the IWC’s FIR. However, the High Court of Madras requested it on Tuesday when the Delhi High Court approached.

He also questioned the circular Look Out issued at the request of the CBI to avoid his trip abroad. He was relieved of the Supreme Court of Madras, but the order was contested before the Supreme Court, which has remained.

While allowing Karti to appear before the body, the Court said that it would consider, on September 1, its request for annulment of the circular exit Look.

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