Narendra Modi’s new India vision will help US job creation: Sean Spicer

Narendra Modi's new India vision will help US job creation: Sean Spicer

The “vision of a new India”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also help create jobs in the United States, said President Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer, announcing the White House’s planned Modi visit on June 26. June of
Addressing the common interests of both countries in an environment in the Trump that promote a “buy American, American contract” policy brings fears in India, said Spicer Monday: “US energy and technologies, including natural gas, which contributes To building the vision of Prime Minister Modi for a new India and creating thousands of jobs in the United States in the process. ”
“Trade between the United States and India has increased sixfold since 2000, from 19 trillion to 115 billion in 2016.”
“And the Indian economy is growing at more than 7 percent,” he said, adding a note of optimism for the future.
The filming of the White House on job creation by India in the US Contrasts with comments about Trump jobs out of control in China and elsewhere.
In April, Trump has ordered a review of trade with countries with which the US Has a deficit. India on this list, although with a shortfall of $ 24 billion compared to the $ 347 billion of China.
Comment on job creation also avoids the problems of Trump’s plans to curb outsourcing and reduce the visa for professional fears New Delhi shut the tap on technical talents and companies from India to the United States.
Spicer said that during the visit, the two leaders “seek to account for a common vision of the partnership between the United States and India, which deserves its 1.6 billion citizens.”
The press secretary said: “The president hopes to discuss ways to strengthen ties between the United States and India, and to advance our common priorities: fighting terrorism, promoting economic growth and reforms, and expanding security cooperation In the Indo-Pacific region.
While Trump’s plans to organize Modi have not yet emerged, visiting the White House’s contrast with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump Mar-a-Lake Retreat Staff . A relaxed atmosphere.
One of the reasons Mar-a-Lake can be released is that hot summer in Florida and recently went to his Trump golf club in Bedminster, NJ at weekends.
A visit to the White House would be a plus sign as a business meeting instead of a union session, unless Trump takes you for a walk through the US capital, as did former President Barack Obama during the first Visit of Modi to the United States like prime minister.
Unlike the Xi and Abe visits, Modi’s travels will take place while Trump is under tremendous political pressure.
Trump finds himself under increasing political pressure due to alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and contacts by a member of his closest circle with characters connected to the Kremlin.
A special prosecutor who investigates the allegations and a Senate committee conducts hearings.