Sachin – A Billion Dreams movie review: It has everything to make you nostalgic

Sachin - A Billion Dreams movie review: It has everything to make you nostalgic

Sachin Tendulkar is a name that has led to the burden of more than one billion aspirations in 200 Test and 463 One Day International. However, when he uttered his last speech at Wankhede Stadium on November 16, 2013, there was no one who did not secretly see humble giant desires (metaphorically, of course) during a fois.James Erskine director appointed by the biographical drama Emmy , Does well by naming the film in a way that reflects popular sentiments. After all, he is a man with impeccable cricket career spanning 24 long years.

Erskine has decided to launch Sachin Tendulkar as himself. What if he could not justify his character? This is not a documentary of the pure form, but also a film that requires a little action. Stairway: A billion dreams is mainly based on video images, including some – such as childhood, marriage, the early days of cricket and family relationships – is taken from his private life. Is it an intelligent move on the part of the director, since you have to know more about the genius in the field of Sachin Tendulkar? You have seen it all.

Remember what happened with MS Dhoni: the story not told? There was practically nothing essential. So it is advisable to focus on the invisible hand of the Master Blaster Sachin: One billion dreams. The story tells the journey of cricket life, discovered by his brother and leader of India through the crucial moments. Tendulkar recalled several incidents – sometimes emotional, sometimes distant. The music of AR Rahman is its charm and you feel the need to go down the memory lane. However, some questions remain unanswered.

Although not an actor poses difficulties for the cricket player at important moments, Sachin: A Billion Dreams feel “different.”

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