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You can also choose colors for all parts of the language switcher.

Of course, you can style WPML’s language switcher so that it matches your site’s design. You can also create custom language switchers and add them to the site’s theme.

To change the flags that appear next to languages, go to the section “Site Languages”, then click on the link “Edit Languages”. You can choose a different flag from WPML’s install directory or upload your own.

In the Custom language switchers section, you can enable or disable the custom language switchers on your site.

Custom language switchers

When custom language switchers are disabled, the related CSS and JavaScript resources are not loaded anymore. This is useful for sites that do not use any language switchers.

In this case, it is still possible to use the wpml_language_switcher shortcodeand the wpml_language_switcher action, however, they will output the language switchers without any CSS or JavaScript.


By default, this option is enabled for existing installs updating to WPML version 3.8 or later. However, for new installs using WPML version 3.8 or later, this option will be disabled by default.

When your multi-language site is analyzed by the search engines, such as Google, it is important to “tell” them about the alternative languages available for your site’s content. This way, search engines will not handle the translations as duplicates but as the same content, only in different languages. And this is good for the SEO rankings of your site.

Please note that when enabled, this information is not visible on your website’s front-end but only in the source code.

In addition to turning this feature on and off, you can also use the Position of hreflang link option to set where this information will be output:

Position of hreflang link As early as possible Later in the head section

In most cases, it is best to use the default setting. Sometimes, different themes and plugins may cause conflicts when this option is used. These conflicts may lead to wrong or completely missing set of these SEO language links. In that case, switching to Later in the head section optionshould resolve the issue.

The default language is normally also the admin language. To see the WordPress admin in a different language, use the Admin language setting.

Admin language

Websites that have several authors, each writing in a different language may need to have a different admin language per user. Individual users can select their admin language in their profile page.

To learn how to set the site’s default admin language and different admin language per user, read about setting the WordPress administration language .


These beautiful nickel over-the-door hooks are great because they’re extra long and have ball finials at the end, which keeps your towels from falling off. There’s also


a dual hook option, and a valet option that holds clothes on hangers.

I started using packing cubes recently and whoaaaaa, what a difference in how organized I feel! Sorting items by category into cubes while traveling makes packing,


unpacking, and getting dressed so much easier and faster. Not to mention, they are total space savers in the suitcase. There is nothing like feeling efficient when you travel!

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If you are traveling with documents (folders, print-outs, books, magazines, passport, checks), this is the best way to store them while on the move! This is a weather-proof


(won’t get wet or melt!) and indestructible poly-envelope that’s made from vinyl and perfect for all types of documents! The zipper is extra-smooth, the outside can be labeled, the material is smooth (not “sticky” like other vinyl), it comes in two-sizes, AND it’s fold-able when not in use!

VIDEO: How to Pack Travel Documents

These leak-proof travel-sized bottles are perfect for carrying small amounts of shower toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, lotion,


etc. This particular brand travel bottle has tight, leak-proof lids that actually stay closed while in transit!

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These leak-proof travel-sized jars are perfect for carrying small amounts of creamy type cosmetics like face lotion, eye cream, petroleum jelly, vapor rub, etc.


This particular brand travel bottle has tight, leak-proof lids that actually stay closed while in transit!

VIDEO: How to Pack Toiletries for Travel

These leak-proof travel-sized dropper bottles are perfect for carrying small amounts of liquid toiletries such as eye make-up remover, contact solution,


body/face oils, toner, etc. This particular brand travel bottle has tight, leak-proof lids that actually stay closed while in transit!

VIDEO: How to Pack Toiletries for Travel

If you don’t have a label maker to label your travel-sized bottles, this is the next best thing! Just stick one of these labels on your bottle and you’re good to go! And no, they


don’t wash off in the water.

VIDEO: How to Pack Toiletries for Travel

This is the rolling bag I showed in my suitcase packing video ! It’s a really smooth rolling (think butter!) carry-on bag + chair in one (you can sit on the bag while waiting

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